What are the dental instruments that are sterilized with the Gas autoclave

Sterilization is defined as the process by which any microorganism, including bacterial spores, is completely destroyed in a material or instrument. It can be achieved through the use of different methods, but the most commonly used in the field of dentistry, is wet heat sterilization, which is done by using an autoclave.

The gas autoclave is a type that uses the heat of steam to sterilize instruments. Most autoclaves use a mixture of water and compressed air to generate steam, although there are also some models that use nitrogen.

In this sense, Kalstein has the ideal equipment for the sterilization of the instruments used within any commercial sector, especially for sanitizing dental tools, thanks to its power of automatic water discharge, drying and drying plus, as well as the adjustable time.

Functions of the Gas Autoclave

The steam is produced in a closed sterilization chamber, and the instruments are placed on a grating so that the steam can fully encircle them. Sterilization is considered complete when an internal autoclave temperature of 100 ยฐ C is reached and maintained for at least 15 minutes. Some gas autoclaves also have a disinfection cycle, which is a cleaning process that reduces the amount of microorganisms in a material or instrument, but does not completely eliminate them.

The instruments that are sterilized with the use of this gas equipment are derived from the need to sterilize the materials and equipment used in the field of dentistry. Different methods for sterilization have been developed, but the gas autoclave is the most effective and safe.

Thus, these are the following instruments:

  • Needles
  • Blades
  • Liquid containers
  • Tubes
  • Cannulas
  • Tweezers
  • Scalpels
  • Scissors
  • Probes
  • Catheters
  • Hoses, etc.

Gas autoclaves are characterized by their efficiency and safety. They sterilize instruments effectively and safely, making them ideal for the field of dentistry.

Method of use

Gas autoclaves undergo a cleaning and sterilization process before use. The instruments are placed in the autoclave and sterilized. The equipment is designed to remove all microorganisms from instruments, making them safe for use. After the instruments have been sterilized, they should be stored in a safe, dry place. It is important to follow the manufacturerโ€™s instructions to ensure effectiveness.

In this way, Kalstein as a manufacturer offers you the best equipment that sterilizes instruments effectively and safely, allowing the treatment of patients with guarantees. They are available in different sizes and models. The appropriate gas autoclave should be selected for the number and size of instruments to be sterilized. It is important to follow the instructions that we as manufacturers establish to use the equipment effectively.

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