Use of muffles in the laboratory evaluation

The muffle is an oven used for drying, calcining and casting substances, in addition to control processes. This equipment is a kind of chamber that is made of refractory materials and can only be inserted into it. Clearly, the muffle has as a specific function within the laboratory to reach high temperatures that are of course applied in a variety of uses.

The muffle operates at temperatures of approximately 1200°C, so this can be a risk to the person working with it and also to other equipment near to it, due to the heat emitted when operating. For this reason, it is necessary to take some guidelines so that the operator does not incur additional risks, such as wearing appropriate clothing, loading the muffle when it is already turned off, making careful adjustments to the temperature and avoiding being near the muffle if there is no thermal protection.


The muffle is a furnace type instrument, which works in a more controlled way than this, since it can regulate the temperature at all times and monitor it. Its main function is to perform high temperature tests for different purposes, such as incineration of biological samples, heating tests, heat treatment, cooking of ceramic materials, among others.

It is recommended to use the muffle at an ambient temperature of around 15° and 40° C and an average humidity of 80%, as failure to meet these requirements may affect the stability of the equipment and temperature range, and may affect the laboratory worker. In addition, care such as cleaning the muffle once a week, checking the laboratory electrical system, avoiding multiple electrical connections, leaving a 15-centimeter gap around the muffle, and yearly calibration are critical for proper muffle operation.

Use of mules in the laboratory

The muffle is a powerful furnace, capable of reaching without difficulty 1.200 ° C of temperature. Its use in chemistry laboratories is associated with the performance of solid state reactions in them, and in biology laboratories, it is used to dry biological samples to release ash. There are a variety of drying, sterilizing and calcining equipment, however, it is only muffles that work with high temperatures.

Because it handles temperatures this high, it can cause severe burns in a person who cannot handle it properly. In this way, a protocol of use should be carried out for the safety of all workers, so that they know what the precautions and risks of handling are. The mule is used as follows:

  • It should be connected to a 220 to 240 volt source.
  • Turn it on.
  • Calibrate the desired temperature using the switch.
  • After selecting the temperature, the equipment automatically stabilizes and stays at that temperature.
  • Open the compartment by using the handle and removing the lock.
  • Place the sample in a container of refractory material and wear gloves resistant to high temperatures. The sample is then grasped with a forceps and taken to the mule.
  • Introduce the sample and leave it in time, according to the experiment being conducted.
  • At the completion of the sample drying time, the button should be turned off so that the temperature is stable and the sample can be removed.
  • After the test is completed, the computer is turned off and disconnected.

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