The Scientific Bulwark of Precision: Kalstein Micro Laboratory Balances

Developing a comprehensive set of technical specifications and features for Kalstein Micro Laboratory Balance models can be a daunting task. However, the importance of these details provides an essential acquisition for any laboratory that needs incredible accuracy and repeatability in its measurements. The following detailed information is intended to provide a clear overview of what these laboratory balance models offer.

Micro laboratory balances are essential instruments for a wide variety of fields of study and application, from scientific and pharmaceutical research to the food and chemical industry. Kalsteinโ€™s YR05562 to YR05567 series of models leads the field thanks to their advanced features and technical specifications that ensure accuracy, reliability and ease of use.

Capacity and Resolution: Exact Weight to the Milligram

Kalsteinโ€™s Micro Laboratory Balance models feature incredible capacity specifications. Specifically, models range from 62g/120g (model YR05562) to 210g (model YR05567). This wide range of capacities allows them to adapt to diverse weighing needs in varied scientific areas.

In addition, we cannot overlook the impressive resolution of these balances, with most models possessing an astounding resolution of 0.01 mg. This extraordinary precision ensures exceptionally accurate weight measurements, fundamental to guaranteeing precise experiment and analysis results.

Stable Timing and Monitoring: Agility and Clarity in Measurements

An outstanding feature of all these balances is their stable time of less than or equal to 6 seconds. This short settling time ensures high-level performance, allowing measurements to be obtained quickly.

In addition, all models have an LCD display with white backlight and black lettering. This facilitates clear visualization of the results regardless of the ambient lighting conditions, which emphasizes the practicality of these laboratory balances.

Operating in Harsh Environments: Ruggedness and Reliability

The ability of these balances to operate at temperatures from 5 to 25 ยฐC and humidities from 20% to 80% translates into high ruggedness and reliability. This wide range in terms of environmental conditions makes them perfect not only for climate-controlled laboratories, but also in harsher environments.

Moreover, all these balances have a pan size of 80mm in diameter, giving them a functional range depending on the sample size.

Accuracy Guarantee: Repeatability and Calibration

Kalstein models feature repeatability capabilities from 0.03 mg/0.1 mg to 0.05 mg. This consistent repeatability guarantees a high level of precision in multiple measurements, a crucial issue in scientific experiments where reproducibility is demanded.

Standardized internal calibration is another key feature to ensure solid and consistent accuracy. Internal calibration provides a superior level of accuracy, and eliminates the need for external calibration weights, thus improving user convenience.

In conclusion, Kalstein Micro Laboratory Balances provide incredible measurement capabilities with high accuracy. Whether you need to weigh large or small samples, these balances will fit your needs and exceed your expectations.