The Power of Innovation: The Kalstein Laminar Flow Cabinet YR05269-2

Kalstein laminar flow cabinets are key instruments in any modern laboratory that requires a sterile, efficient and safe working environment. The YR05269-2 model, designed to offer maximum performance and comfort to professionals, stands out in particular in the range of this well-known manufacturer in the medical world.

Choosing the Kalstein YR05269-2 laminar flow cabinet means choosing consistent performance, long-term reliability and excellent customer service. In a field where precision and safety are vital, this proven model excels. To incorporate it into your laboratory is to define a new standard of excellence, performance and efficiency.

Technical Features and Benefits of the YR05269-2 Laminar Flow Cabinet

Model YR05269-2 has a wind speed between 0.25 and 0.45 m/s, generating a pure flow that helps prevent cross-contamination that can occur during laboratory testing. Its excellent illumination of ≥300lx provides a clear view of the work in progress, while the low noise level of ≤62dB ensures a friendly working environment.

The unit operates on 220V voltage and has a power rating of 0.1 kilowatts, making it energy efficient. Its inner size of 410×670×440 mm along with the roll size of 580×700×610 mm and packaging size of 700×780×690 mm, suggest a compact and portable design, ideal for laboratories with space limitation.

Lightweight and Portable Feeling

Despite its efficiency and high technology, the YR05269-2 model has a net weight of 40 kg and a shipping weight of 43 kg. This relative lightness allows for easy relocation and transportation.

In summary, the Kalstein YR05269-2 laminar flow cabinet is a technically advanced piece of equipment that offers ideal specifications and features for today’s laboratory challenges. Its controlled wind speed, adequate lighting, minimal noise, sufficient power and minimal dimensions make it a favorite choice for professionals seeking a sterile and comfortable working environment.

It is essential for modern laboratories to have equipment that not only solves technical problems, but also meets safety and sanitation standards. This is where the YR05269-2 shines, proving that high technology and comfort can go hand in hand in a laboratory environment.