The excellence of Kalstein’s dental line of products

In the medical world, excellence and precision are vital, and the equipment used plays a crucial role in achieving these results. In this article, we will examine some of the high-quality products in the Kalstein medical line, specifically those related to the dental sphere: the YR05987 Sealing Machine, the YR06012 Deluxe Dental Chair, the YR06006 Affordable Dental Chair, and the YR06005 Strong Stability Dental Unit.

YR05987 Sealing Machine

We start with the YR05987 Sealing Machine which is vital for efficiently and safely sealing sterilized items. This machine operates with a voltage of 220V/50Hz and has a power of 500W. Its sealing width is 250mm and pressing width is 10mm, which makes it very versatile for various package sizes. Its outside size is 480×410×290mm, making it compact for any work space. In addition, with a net weight of 5.5KG, it is quite handy.

Sterilization in an autoclave is the safest way of infection prevention. After sterilization, however, care should be taken to ensure that the instruments are not recontaminated. The YR05987 sealing machine can effectively seal sterilized instruments for storage while safely protecting them from contamination. Without great physical effort, these two models produce optimal 10 mm wide sealing seams with precise sealing pressure.

Luxury Dental Chair YR06012 and Affordable Dental Chair YR06006

Kalstein’s YR06012 Deluxe Dental Chair YR06012 offers dentists and patients comfort and efficiency simultaneously. It operates on 220V-50Hz/110V-60Hz power supply voltage and its motor operates on 24V voltage. The air pressure required for efficient operation is between 0.5mpa to 0.8mpa, while the ideal water pressure fluctuates between 0.2mpa to 0.4mpa. All this guarantees unsurpassed performance and dentist and patient satisfaction.

Kalstein not only cares about quality, but also about offering affordable products. The YR06006 Affordable Dental Chair is proof of this. This model provides comfort for the patient and ease of use for the specialist, without compromising functionality. Although this model is more affordable, the high standard of quality that Kalstein is known for is maintained.

Strong Stability Dental Unit YR06005

Finally, we have the YR06005 Strong Stability Dental Unit. This equipment is vital to ensure patient and dentist safety during procedures. This unit provides a working force without fluctuations, which translates into more precision and lower probability of error. Its quality and durability make it a reliable choice for any dental office.

In conclusion, the Kalstein medical line of equipment is a perfect combination of quality, durability and efficiency, essential elements in any laboratory or medical office. With its variety of specifications and features, Kalstein makes sure to have innovative equipment that meets the needs and expectations of any medical professional.