The Benefits of Aquatic Therapy: Underwater Treadmills vs. Free Swimming in Veterinary Rehabilitation

Aquatic therapy represents a significant advancement in the rehabilitation and treatment of animals with various conditions and injuries. As a leading manufacturer in veterinary medical equipment, Kalstein implements the latest technology in aquatic therapies, such as underwater treadmills and free swimming programs. 

If you are considering the purchase of aquatic therapy equipment for your veterinary clinic, it is important to understand its benefits and how these two methods can work together to achieve optimal results in rehabilitation.

Underwater Treadmills: Cutting-edge technology in aqua therapy

Kalstein’s underwater treadmills allow animal patients to walk or jog in water, in a controlled and safe manner. The prices of these devices can vary, but their purchase is justified by the wealth of benefits they provide: 

  • Firstly, they offer total control of the therapy environment, allowing the veterinarian to adjust the water depth, treadmill speed, and duration of treatment. This in turn, reduces the risk of injuries by minimizing the impact on joints and allowing for faster rehabilitation.

  • Secondly, the underwater treadmill stimulates blood circulation and strengthens muscles without imposing too much strain on the animal. It is particularly useful for animals suffering from arthritis, disk injuries, neuromuscular dysfunction, obesity, and post-operative conditions, among others.

Free Swimming Therapy: A natural method of rehabilitation

In comparison to underwater treadmills, free swimming in a pool provides animals with a more natural environment and is less structured. This therapy can be ideal for high energy animals or those who need to improve their coordination and balance. The method of free swimming allows animals to move in various directions and at different speeds, promoting flexibility and improving cardiovascular conditions.

However, free swimming may not be suitable for some patients, such as those with balance issues, fear of water, or inability to swim. In these cases, an underwater treadmill provides a more controlled and safe environment for aquatic therapy.

Combining Both Therapies for Effective Rehabilitation

The sale of Kalstein equipment not only deals with the marketing of advanced technology but also educates on the most effective ways to apply these therapies in your practice. A combination of underwater treadmill and free swimming can provide a complete and personalized rehabilitation plan for each patient.

On one hand, the underwater treadmill can be used for controlled and repetitive therapeutic sessions, complemented by free swimming sessions to improve the animal’s physical endurance and mental health. By integrating both therapies, it is possible to provide a comprehensive and effective treatment focused on the individual objectives and needs of each patient.

Aquatic therapy, whether through an underwater treadmill or free swimming, offers numerous benefits for the rehabilitation of animals. As a leading manufacturer, Kalstein offers high-quality devices at competitive prices. Investing in this type of equipment adds value to your veterinary clinic, allowing you to offer state-of-the-art rehabilitation services to your patients.

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