Technical specifications of Kalstein Infant Incubators

Infant incubators are an essential piece of equipment in any neonatal intensive care unit. At Kalstein, we have a variety of infant incubators that offer a controlled and safe environment for newborns requiring special care. Here we will detail the technical specifications and features of three main models: the YR02188, YR02186 and YR02183.

Model YR02188: Functionality with Innovation

The YR02188 infant incubator is equipped with an X-ray cassette, a crucial element for diagnosing and monitoring newborn development. The side, front and rear doors facilitate access to the baby and allow for more efficient care.

This incubator has the advantage of an adjustable vertical height, which increases comfort and adaptability for healthcare professionals. Last but not least, this model includes an infant phototherapy unit that can use LED light or OSRAM tubes, offering effective treatments for conditions such as neonatal jaundice.

The Model YR02186: Complexity and Precision in Controlย 

The YR02186 model shares some features with the previous model, such as the X-ray cassette and easy-access doors on several sides. However, this model goes a step further by including a humidity monitor and controller, allowing for a fully controlled and safe care environment for the baby.

Its double-walled hood provides an additional barrier against temperature fluctuations and heat loss. Like the previous model, the YR02186 features an infant phototherapy unit, with the option of using LED or OSRAM tube light.

Model YR02183: Commitment to Effectivenessย 

Finally, the YR02183 model retains the key features that make Kalstein incubators high-performance medical devices. It incorporates a side, front and rear door for easy and safe access, along with a double-walled hood for optimal thermal insulation.

A distinctive feature of the YR02183 is its infant phototherapy unit, which in this case uses OSRAM tubes for the treatment of neonatal conditions. Kalstein infant incubators are designed with the utmost attention to detail, incorporating state-of-the-art technology to provide the highest level of care for newborns. Whether it is the wide access, humidity control, or phototherapy units with OSRAM tubes, every element is designed to ensure a safe and controlled environment for the smallest patients.