Smart Liquid Nitrogen Laboratory Containers: Efficiency in a Small Size

Every self-respecting laboratory needs a reliable, safe and efficient method of sample storage. In this regard, Kalstein offers a revolutionary solution with its Small Size Tanks โ€“ Smart Liquid Nitrogen Containers. With a range of models designed to meet all storage needs, these tanks represent the ultimate in sample preservation at very low temperatures.

Design and Capacity of Kalstein Models

Kalsteinโ€™s YR05371 โ€“ YR05382 series of intelligent liquid nitrogen containers feature a compact design that does not sacrifice storage capacity. These small-sized tanks, depending on the specific model, have a number of racks ranging from 1 to 6, which opens the possibility for a wide range of storage capacities. The YR05371 and YR05372 models, for example, can store up to 100 and 600 cryovials of 1.2 and 2 ml respectively, grouped in 4 boxes per rack.

These numbers may seem small, but we must not forget that we are talking about small-sized equipment. In the slightly larger capacity models, such as the YR05375, YR05376 and YR05377, the number of cryovials that can be stored ranges from 750 to 1,110. This demonstrates the effectiveness of these containers, which, despite their compact size, still offer a large storage capacity.

Performance and efficiency of Kalstein containers

Efficiency stands out as one of the strengths of these models of Kalstein smart liquid nitrogen laboratory containers. Both the smaller and larger capacity models maintain LN2 (L) volumes ranging from 10 to 50 liters. At the same time, they have a static evaporation ranging from 0.35 to 0.45 L/day, thus ensuring high efficiency in terms of liquid nitrogen conservation.

In addition to the above, the containers have a static maintenance time that ranges from 24 days for the smallest model to 130 days for the largest model. This feature reinforces the idea of efficiency, giving the user the peace of mind of having equipment that guarantees the integrity of the liquid nitrogen for an extended period of time.

Versatility and adaptability of Kalstein containers

The Kalstein series of liquid nitrogen laboratory containers offers a variety of models to suit different laboratory needs, from those handling small samples to those with larger storage requirements. Each model has been designed with the challenges faced by modern laboratories in mind, providing flexible solutions for various applications.

In addition to adaptability to different needs, Kalstein containers stand out for their intuitive and user-friendly design. Each tank has a specific number of boxes in its rack, which facilitates organization and access to the stored cryovials.

Kalstein containers, a smart investment

In summary, Kalsteinโ€™s YR05371 โ€“ YR05382 series of smart liquid nitrogen laboratory containers prove to be a great investment. With their compact design, yet large storage capacity, high LN2 preservation efficiency, and adaptability to different needs, these liquid nitrogen container models are a robust and reliable solution for laboratories.

Their durability and consistent performance make them a valuable and efficient option, making every penny invested in them beneficial to the laboratory.