Protect Your Pets’ Vision with Precision

Caring for the ocular health of our pets is crucial to ensuring their well-being and quality of life. An essential tool in this regard is the Veterinary Rebound Tonometer, which allows for precise and painless intraocular pressure (IOP) measurement. 

This device, vital for the early detection of diseases such as glaucoma, uses rebound technology that eliminates the need for anesthesia, making the procedure safer and less stressful for animals.

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Features of the Veterinary Rebound Tonometer

The Veterinary Rebound Tonometer stands out for its ease of use and accuracy. Equipped with a light probe that momentarily contacts the cornea, the device measures intraocular pressure in just a few seconds. Notable features include:

  • Rebound Technology: Utilizes a magnetized probe that gently bounces off the cornea to measure IOP.

  • No Need for Anesthesia: The measurement is painless and does not require topical anesthesia, avoiding additional discomfort for the pet.

  • Self-Calibrating: The device automatically calibrates, ensuring precise results with each use.

  • Portability: Designed to be lightweight and easy to handle, ideal for veterinarians who need to make house calls.

  • LCD Screen: Provides clear and easy-to-read results.

Why Does the Veterinary Rebound Tonometer Have This Price?

The price of a Veterinary Rebound Tonometer may seem high, but it is an investment in the ocular health of pets. This cost is justified by several factors:

  1. Advanced Technology: The precision and ease of use of these devices are due to advanced rebound technology, which requires ongoing research and development.

  2. Durability and Reliability: These tonometers are designed to last and provide reliable readings for years, which is crucial in veterinary practice.

  3. Included Accessories: Most models come with spare probes, rechargeable batteries, and carrying cases, adding to their value.

  4. Warranty and Support: They offer extended warranties and technical support, ensuring that veterinarians can keep their devices in optimal condition.

Compare the Veterinary Rebound Tonometer with Similar Products

Comparing the Veterinary Rebound Tonometer with other market products reveals its advantages and disadvantages. For instance:

  • Reichert Tono-Vera Vet: This model includes the ActiView™ positioning system, which guides the user for precise and repeatable measurements. Additionally, it offers Bluetooth connectivity for data transfer.

  • Icare TONOVET Plus: Similar to rebound technology, this device is known for its ease of use and does not require anesthesia. It is designed for various animal species, from dogs and cats to horses.

  • Reichert Tono-Pen AVIA Vet: Uses micro strain gauge technology for precise and reliable readings, though it may require more skill to use compared to rebound models.

Pros and Cons of Veterinary Rebound Tonometers



No need for anesthesia

High price

Easy to use

Requires probe replacements

Quick and precise results

Dependence on rechargeable battery

Portable and lightweight

May require technical maintenance


Sensitive to damage from falls

Suitable for multiple species

Need for initial training

Clear LCD screen

Limited availability in some markets

Painless for the pet


Advantages of these Veterinary Rebound Tonometers

Beyond technical features, Veterinary Rebound Tonometers offer several significant advantages:

  • Less Stress for the Pet: Without the need for anesthesia, pets experience less stress and discomfort during the procedure.

  • Efficiency in Diagnosis: Allows veterinarians to make quick and accurate diagnoses, essential for timely treatment of ocular diseases.

  • Versatility: Can be used on a wide variety of species, making them extremely versatile in a veterinary clinic.

  • Ease of Training: The intuitive design and ease of use mean veterinary staff can be quickly trained to use the device.

Other Benefits of these Veterinary Rebound Tonometers

In addition to clinical advantages, these devices also offer operational benefits:

  • Long-term Cost Reduction: Although the initial investment is high, the durability and reliability of the device can reduce long-term costs.

  • Improved Customer Satisfaction: Pet owners appreciate less invasive and less stressful procedures for their animals.

  • Regulatory Compliance: These devices meet international veterinary care standards, ensuring safe and effective practices.

User Reviews of Veterinary Rebound Tonometers

User reviews are an excellent way to understand the real impact of Veterinary Rebound Tonometers. For example:

  • Ann Gratzek, DVM, DACVO: “We acquired our TONOVET mainly for equine work. It is easy, accurate, fast, and not prone to artifacts. We then started using it on cats, who do not tolerate topical anesthesia. Now our technicians prefer rebound tonometry for all species due to its reliability.”

  • Assoc. Prof. Preenun Jitasombuti, DVM: “IOP should be measured not only in cases of red eyes but also in cases of corneal edema, orbital diseases, and a history of glaucoma. The TONOVET is easy to use and does not require anesthesia or calibration, making it ideal for glaucoma diagnosis.”

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the use of the Veterinary Rebound Tonometer painful?

No, the procedure is painless for the pet and does not require anesthesia.

For which animals is this device suitable?

The rebound tonometer is suitable for dogs, cats, horses, and other exotic animals.

Does the Veterinary Rebound Tonometer require calibration?

No, these devices are self-calibrating, ensuring accurate readings each time.

How portable is the Veterinary Rebound Tonometer?

These devices are lightweight and portable, ideal for veterinarians who make house calls.

Is it easy to use for veterinary staff?

Yes, its intuitive design allows for quick training of staff, facilitating its use in daily practice.

What warranty do these devices offer?

Most rebound tonometers come with a 12-month warranty, covering manufacturing defects and ensuring technical support.

Conclusions on these Veterinary Rebound Tonometers

In conclusion, Veterinary Rebound Tonometers represent an essential tool for the diagnosis and treatment of ocular diseases in pets. 

Their advanced technology, ease of use, and design without the need for anesthesia make them a preferred choice among veterinarians worldwide. Despite the initial cost, the long-term advantages and benefits fully justify the investment, improving both diagnostic quality and pet well-being.