Laminar Flow Cabinet YR05745

Manufacturer: Kalstein


This is a kind of clean bench widely used in medical treatment, chemical experiment, electron, precise machinery, instrument, apparatus, medical preparation, operating room, foodstuff, drinks, dailyยญuse cosmetic, stock raising and aviation, as well as providing germ free dustless clean environment.

  • The vertical closed bench con effectively prevent outer gas from entering and preventing peculiar smell in operating area from damaging human body.
  • lt adopts wind volume adjustable fan system, light-touch type switch and dual-speed voltage regulation device to keep wind speed in working area in ideal state.
  • The personalized design considers user’ s demand completely. lt adopts spring type sliding door so that the door con be oriented on needed position, thus it is more convenient to operate.
  • This is the newest type bench in present market. The front cover may be opened directly for exchanging filter, electric components easily.
  • Operate with LED panel.
  • The material of the work area is 304 stainless steel.
Technical Specifications
Model YR05745
Air Supply Horizontal and vertical air supply
Cleanliness level Class 100@โ‰ฅ0.5ฮผM (US Federal 209E)
Number of colonies โ‰ค0.5pcs/dishยทhour (ฮฆ90mm culture plate)
Average Wind Speed 0.25๏ฝž0.45m/s๏ผˆFast and slow๏ผ‰
Noise โ‰ค62dB๏ผˆA๏ผ‰
Power Supply ACย single-phase 220V/50Hz
Illuminance โ‰ฅ300Lx
Vibration half peak โ‰ค5ฮผM๏ผˆxใ€yใ€zย direction๏ผ‰
Max. Power
Dimension ofย  Working area
Overall dimension
Specification and quantity of high efficiency filter 865x600x38x 1/ 865x484x38 x 1
Specification and quantity of fluorescent lamp/ultraviolet lamp 20Wx1 / 20Wx1
Applicable Persons Single person-single side

Additional information

Weight 210 kg
Dimensions 112 × 80 × 190 cm

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