Non-Refrigerated Laboratory Centrifuges: Technical Details and Features of Kalstein Models

Differentiation in the world of laboratory equipment is based on the balance between improved efficiency and the ability to generate reliable results. In this regard, laboratory centrifuges play an essential role.

Laboratory centrifuges are essential equipment for various experimental procedures and clinical analyses. They offer a fast and effective methodology for separating components of different density within a solution. Kalstein, as a leading manufacturer of such equipment, presents four outstanding models within its line of non-refrigerated laboratory centrifuges: YR0131, YR0139, YR0140 and YR142-1.

Technical Analysis: YR0131 and YR0139

The Kalstein model YR0131 stands out for its maximum speed of 5000r/min and its impressive maximum RCF (Relative Centrifugal Force) of 5030 x g. This device accommodates up to 500 ml x 4 and its speed accuracy is ยฑ 50 r/min. With the time setting between 1 minute and 99 minutes, it promises to deliver fast and accurate results. Despite its power, the noise generated by this centrifuge remains below 65 dB (A).

On the other hand, its contemporary, the Kalstein YR0139, delivers equally respectable performance at lower capacity. With a maximum speed of 4200r/min and a maximum RCF of 2760 x g, this centrifuge is ideal for more discrete tasks in the lab. Its maximum capacity is 20 ml x 12, and it exhibits a speed accuracy of ยฑ 30 r/min. Its noise disturbance does not exceed 65 dB (A), ensuring a quiet working environment.

Superior performance: YR0140 and YR142-1

Kalsteinโ€™s YR0140 centrifuge offers a combination of speed and accuracy. With a maximum speed of 5000 r/min and a maximum RCF of 4100 x g, this centrifuge delivers effective results with precision. It accommodates up to 15ml x 16 and features a speed accuracy of ยฑ 30 r/min. It offers a variable time setting from 1 minute to 99 minutes, enabling flexible adjustment according to the needs of the experiment.

The YR142-1 model, on the other hand, stands out for its efficiency at moderate speeds. Its maximum speed is 4000 r/min and it achieves a maximum RCF of 2220 x g. However, this centrifuge is adored for its accuracies, with a range of ยฑ 30 r/min and a maximum load capacity of 50ml x 6.

Energy Affordabilityย 

All of these laboratory centrifuge models are powered by standard mains electricity, therefore, they do not require specialized electrical installation. Their designs are adaptable to both 110v / 60Hz and 220v / 50Hz voltage standards, making them versatile and ideal for any laboratory.

In conclusion, Kalsteinโ€™s non-refrigerated centrifuges offer high performance, precision and versatility, catering to a wide range of laboratory needs. Whether for simple experiments or highly detailed procedures, these models guarantee reliable and accurate results. Relying on the Kalstein brand means relying on innovation, efficiency and safety in your research.