Laboratory Micro-Spectrophotometers: Kalstein Models

For any medical or scientific laboratory, the micro-spectrophotometer is a critical piece of equipment. These accurate and reliable devices are vital for the analysis and quantification of molecules in solution, especially nucleic acids and proteins. In this article, four models of laboratory micro-spectrophotometers produced by Kalstein will be presented and discussed.

Model YR06033: Convenience and Accuracy in One Unit

When considering the characteristics of the first model, the YR06033, we can appreciate that it combines a xenon lamp light source with a high quality CCD detector, which allows precise measurements to be obtained in a wavelength range from 190 to 1100 nm. The equipment has a compact design (220*280*220 mm), is lightweight (weighing only 3 kg), and has a moderate power consumption of 80-100W.

The YR06033 micro-spectrophotometer also has technical features that provide high reliability in absorbance measurement, reaching up to 1% at 100ng/ยตl. The absorbance range reaches from 0 to 200 Abs. This ensures that the instrument can accurately measure the concentration of a variety of samples.

Model YR06033-1: Efficiency Makes the Difference

The second model, YR06033-1, is a robust instrument with excellent features such as a wavelength of 200-800 nm and a minimum sample size of 0.5 to 2.0 ฮผl. As a light source, it uses a xenon flash lamp and has a 2048-line CCD array as a detector. Through these capabilities, it ensures wavelength accuracy and a spectral resolution of โ‰ค3 nm.

The YR06033-1 absorbs with an accuracy of 0.003 Abs and has a detection range of 2 to 4500 ng/ฮผl for dsDNA. In addition, it has a response time of less than 5 seconds, making it an efficient tool for any laboratory.

The YR06034 is another powerful laboratory micro-spectrophotometer model from Kalstein. Although it has a more limited wavelength range of 260 to 280 nm, it features an absorbance accuracy of 0.005 Abs and an absorbance range of 0.2 to 50 A.

This instrument is capable of detecting nucleic acids in the range of 10 to 2500 ng/ฮผl of dsDNA, with a minimum sample size of 1 to 2.0 ฮผl, giving it versatility for various applications in the laboratory. In addition, it has a USB data output for easy handling of measured results.

Model YR06035: Flexibility without Compromise

Finally, the YR06035 model stands out for its flexibility. With a wavelength covering a spectrum from 200 to 800 nm, it is equipped with a xenon flash lamp and a 2048 linear CCD array as detector.

The YR06035 not only ensures accurate measurements with its absorbance spectrum from 0.04 to 300A, but also suits various measurement needs with its detection range from 2 to 15000 ng/ฮผl of dsDNA.

Kalsteinโ€™s laboratory micro-spectrophotometers are a guarantee of efficiency, precision and robustness, making them an option to consider when equipping research, product testing or quality control laboratories in various industries.