Kalstein Water Distillers: Power, Versatility and Efficiency in Purified Water Supply

Kalstein Water Distillers represent a true revolution for laboratories and medical environments, offering an efficient and high performance water purification solution, achieving a fundamental source of high quality distilled water. The technical characteristics of this equipment vary depending on the specific model, addressing various needs in terms of consumption, power and capacity.

Kalstein water distillers are a showcase of the technology’s ability to adapt to various demands. From compact solutions to high-demand options, each model promises an optimal correlation between water consumption and power. Plus, they are backed by Kalstein’s expertise and undisputed quality.

Model YR05986: Compact and Powerful

The Kalstein Model YR05986 stands out as a compact choice for small laboratories and clinics that need a reliable supply of distilled water. This distiller, with its 220V/50Hz voltage and 750 W power, ensures efficient operation. Its dimensions are 61x54x51 cm, allowing installation in small spaces.

Despite its compact size, it has a capacity of 4L, a volume more than sufficient for everyday tasks. https://www.kalstein.de/products/water-distiller-yr05986/

Power Lineage: YR05975, YR05976 and YR05977 Models

Kalstein’s YR05975, YR05976 and YR05977 water distillers present users with more robust options, specially designed for high-demand installations. Operating on 380V/50Hz voltage, these units ensure the supply of distilled water in large volumes. https://www.kalstein.de/products/stainless-steel-automatic-double-distillation-water-distiller-yr05975-yr05977/

In terms of power, values range from 10kW for the YR05975, through 17kW for the YR05976, to 32kW for the YR05977, corresponding to capacities of 5L/h, 10L/h and 20L/h respectively. Water consumption in these models is optimized, being equal or higher than their hourly capacity, maximizing efficiency.

Efficiency and Control: Model YR05974

Kalstein’s YR05974 water distiller provides total control to users, thanks to its automatic water control failure feature. This unit operates with a voltage of 380V/50Hz and a powerful output of 15kw. Equipped with a water consumption system of at least 20L/h, its efficient design allows a capacity of producing 20L of distilled water per hour.

This model is tuned to the demands of large laboratories that need more precise control and sustained supply. https://www.kalstein.de/products/high-quality-automatic-control-water-distiller-20l-yr05974/

Unmatched Capacity: Models YR05978 to YR05982

Kalstein expands the horizons of distilled water delivery with its YR05978 to YR05982 models. These distillers boast capacities ranging from 50L/h to an impressive 600L/h. All operate under a steam supply pressure of 0.4MPa and a cooling water pressure of 0.2MPa.

Their steam consumption is approximately 1:1, and the water consumption ratio is ≤1:14. These models are designed for the most demanding environments, offering optimum capacities without sacrificing performance and efficiency. https://www.kalstein.de/products/electric-water-distiller-yr05978-yr05982/