Kalstein Refrigerators for Vaccine Storage: Outstanding Technology for Reliable Results

Proper storage of vaccines is vital to maintain their effectiveness. The Kalstein brand offers a range of high-quality refrigerators specifically designed for vaccine storage, providing a controlled and secure environment. This article focuses on four models from Kalsteinโ€™s product line: YR05087-1, YR05286-1, YR05087, and YR05083.

An Overview of Kalstein Refrigerators for Vaccine Storage

Kalstein refrigerators for vaccine storage have a range of features that make them an unquestionably effective and reliable option. Each model has specific technical specifications designed to optimize the conservation and durability of vaccines.

For example, the YR05087-1 model has ten shelves, operating with a forced air cooling system and automatic defrost. The recommended ambient temperature ranges from 10 to 32โ„ƒ, with its ideal temperature range being between 2 and 8โ„ƒ. Its considerable capacity of 1006L (35.52 cubic feet) makes it a perfect choice for healthcare organizations with high demand. https://www.kalstein.de/products/medical-refrigerator-yr05087/

Technical Features and Advantages of Kalstein Refrigerators

Each model of Kalstein refrigerators has been created to offer impeccable performance. For example, the YR05286-1 model has an operating temperature range of 2 to 8ยฐC, being effective in environments up to 32ยฐC. Its cooling system operates using a compressor and uses R600a refrigerant, known for being environmentally friendly and energy efficient. https://www.kalstein.de/products/double-glass-door-pharmacy-grade-refrigerator-with-led-interior-light-yr05286-1/

The energy efficiency of Kalstein refrigerators is notable. The YR05286-1 model consumes only 5.75 kWh/24h. Additionally, this model has a series of safety alarms that alert if there is a high or low temperature, sensor error, power failure, or if the door is partially open. All of this translates into high reliability when it comes to preserving vaccines.

Robustness and Durability, Keys to Kalstein Refrigerators

From the largest to the most modest, all Kalstein refrigerators are made to withstand. The YR05087 model, with its interior and exterior structure of powder-coated steel, offers significant durability and resistance to constant use. With a net weight of 189 kg, this model perfectly balances robustness with efficiency. https://www.kalstein.de/products/medical-refrigerator-yr05087/

The YR05083 model, on the other hand, although smaller in size (with a capacity of 60L, or 2.11 cubic feet), maintains the characteristic solidity of Kalstein. Like the other models, it uses R600a refrigerant and has a cooling system through a compressor. https://www.kalstein.de/products/medical-refrigerator-yr05083/

Kalstein, a Guarantee of Excellence in Vaccine Storage

For the crucial goal of vaccine preservation, Kalstein refrigerators offer outstanding and efficient technical solutions. These devices provide safe, adequate, and effective storage, ensuring that vaccines maintain their integrity and, therefore, their effectiveness. With their balance of robustness, energy efficiency, and precision, Kalstein refrigerators for vaccine storage guarantee excellence for professionals and healthcare providers.