Kalstein Precision Laboratory Microscopes Advancing Science One Level at a Time

Laboratory microscopes are vital tools in the world of science and medicine, and Kalstein offers a range of high quality microscopes that meet various needs and specifications. We present a comparison between four models: YR0267A โ€“ YR0267B biological laboratory microscope, YR0254 binocular laboratory microscope, YR0231 trinocular laboratory microscope and YR05782 LCD touchscreen digital microscope.

Variety of Kalstein modelsย 

YR0267A โ€“ YR0267B Laboratory Biological Microscope: Digital Connection to Science

This model features remarkable digital compatibility with a power supply designed to accommodate a variety of electrical needs (AC 100-240 V, 50/60 Hz). It differs in its USB charging port feature, which allows its use outside the laboratory thanks to the possibility of power supply by an external rechargeable battery similar to that of cell phones. Its LCD display, located at the front, shows the details of the microscope status such as magnification, light intensity, and shutdown timer setting, among others. https://www.kalstein.de/products/laboratory-biological-microscope-yr0267a-yr0267b/

YR0254 Binocular Laboratory Microscope: Maximum Observation with Wide Flexibility

The YR0254 binocular microscope is distinguished by its extra-widefield EW10x/22 mm observation eye and adjustable diopter for maximum user comfort. It features an objective magnification of 0.8x-5x which surpasses the YR0267A-YR0267B model. Its unique LED illumination, adjustable in brightness, is positioned above and below the specimen to ensure optimal visibility of details https://www.kalstein.de/products/binocular-laboratory-microscope-yr0254/

YR0231 Trinocular Laboratory Microscope: A Complex Optical System for High-Definition Imaging

This model interweaves complexity and functionality. It features an Infinity Plan optical system for detailed visualization of the specimen. It comes equipped with a Seidentopf trinocular head, inclined at 30ยฐ for user comfort, and a quintuple backward objective nosepiece with a focusing range of 24mm for great flexibility in observation. https://www.kalstein.de/products/trinocular-laboratory-microscope-yr0231/

YR05782 LCD Touchscreen Digital Microscope: Touch Innovation in Science

The YR05782 represents the evolution in biological research with its 10.5โ€ณ high-definition touch screen, allowing for smoother and more accurate interaction with the microscope. It is equipped with dual band wifi, bluetooth 5.0 and an Android 11 operating system, boosting its connectivity capabilities and updating with the latest digital trends. https://www.kalstein.de/products/lcd-touch-screen-digital-microscope-yr05782/

In conclusion, each Kalstein model has its strengths and adaptability depending on the needs of the laboratory. From the digital connectivity of the YR0267A-YR0267B, the optical flexibility of the YR0254, the advanced observation of the YR0231 to the touch interactivity of the YR05782, Kalstein offers solutions for every stage of scientific and medical research.