Introduction to Gel Transilluminator Longevity

To speak of a gel transilluminator is to speak of one of the most vital pieces of equipment in molecular biology and microbiology laboratories, among others. This specialized device is used to visualize DNA, RNA and protein molecules stained on agarose or polyacrylamide gels.ย 

However, it is imperative to understand how to improve the durability of your transilluminator to optimize laboratory tasks and ensure the integrity of your results. To improve the durability of your gel transilluminator, it is useful to consider the implementation of a preventive maintenance regimen, the correct use of filters and intensity settings, as well as the purchase of high quality equipment and spare parts.

Carry out preventive maintenance of the transilluminator.

The first and probably the most effective way to prolong the life of your device is by performing regular preventive maintenance. This procedure is intended to anticipate and correct potential operational anomalies before they become major defects that can lead to disruptions in laboratory procedures.

Disconnecting the unit before performing any cleaning or maintenance is paramount. In addition, one must be meticulous in cleaning the glass plates of the unit with a clean, soft cloth to avoid scratches. However, specialized cleaning solutions for transilluminators are available on the market to help preserve the quality of their optical components.

Proper use of filters and intensity settingsย 

The main purpose of transillumination equipment is to illuminate the gel in such a way that the stained compounds are visible. This illumination is usually produced by ultraviolet (UV) light lamps, which can be harmful to the target molecules and to the operator if not handled properly.ย 

Therefore, to improve the durability of your transilluminator, it is crucial to understand how to properly use and maintain filters. UV filters help protect samples and users from excessive exposure to UV light, which can cause DNA damage and other health risks. In addition, properly regulating the light intensity not only improves the quality of the display, but also extends the life of the lamps.

Procurement of high-quality equipment and spare partsย 

Finally, although it may seem obvious, getting a high-quality transilluminator from a reputable manufacturer can make a big difference in its durability. High-end equipment is usually built with stronger materials and offers enhanced features for durability and performance.

In addition, if any part of the equipment needs to be replaced, it is essential to opt for original spare parts. Using non-original manufacturer’s parts can result in decreased performance and ultimately faster wear of the transilluminator.

Kalstein Conclusionย 

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