Innovative Laboratory Equipment for Anatomic Pathology: Getting to Know the Kalstein Models

Kalstein models are high quality equipment designed to improve efficiency and accuracy in anatomic pathology laboratories. Each offers unique specifications that facilitate and enhance tissue processing and manipulation tasks.

Opting for Kalstein models means ensuring flawless laboratory work. They ensure precision in measurements and temperatures, efficiency in processes, and ultimately, results that are essential for pathology work. In short, they are essential for anyone who wants to take their laboratory to the next level of excellence.

Fully Automated Tissue Processor YR432-1

This equipment is essential for any anatomic pathology laboratory. With a capacity of 14 cups (10 for reagents, the remaining for kerosene fusion), the YR432-1 processor is an efficient tool that ensures optimal results.

The processor has a capacity of 2000 ml in each cup. Each cup allows a temperature range of ambient up to 80 ยฐC with a temperature control accuracy of ยฑ1 ยฐC. In addition, it offers the possibility to adjust the duration of the processing time in the cups, from any duration between 0 and 99 hours, for the 1st and 2nd cup, and any duration between 0 and 24 hours for cups 3 to

Cryostat Microtome YR426-1 vs. Rotary Microtome YR416

The YR426-1 Cryostat Microtome is an indispensable instrument for detailed and precise procedures in anatomic pathology. This equipment offers a wide temperature variation, from 10 โ„ƒ to -50 โ„ƒ in the chamber and in the freezing rack and specimen.

In addition, the semiconductors in the equipment provide additional cooling, with a temperature down to -60 โ„ƒ. The equipment has a capacity of 36 freezing stations and has 8 Pelletiers. A major improvement is the cooling speed of the equipment, with a working time of 15 minutes for rapid cooling.

On the other hand, Kalsteinโ€™s YR416 model comes with a minimum slice thickness setting of 0.25 ฮผm, a vital feature for optimal preparation of pathological specimens. Such a thin slice thickness ensures not only precise cuts, but also reduced sample waste, thus optimizing laboratory operations.

In addition to that, the YR416 microtome features a 28 mm horizontal feed. This range provides ample maneuverability to the specimen, enabling total precision in the area of anatomic pathology.

YR457 Floatation Water Bath

The YR457 is not only a flotation water bath, but also a slide dryer. This equipment is ideal for sample and tissue handling in anatomic pathology, thanks to its fine precision and ability to automatically maintain an ambient temperature range up to 70โ„ƒ in the bath and up to 100โ„ƒ in the slide dryer.

The temperature control accuracy of this equipment is ยฑ2โ„ƒ. This ensures the integrity of the samples, providing accuracy in the results. With the YR457, quality and efficiency are a guarantee.