Innovation and Reliability in Laboratory Incubators: Kalstein Models

The vital role incubators play in microbiological and medical laboratories is irrefutable. From maintaining a constant temperature to eliminating variations that can affect experiments or samples, these units are essential for accurate and reliable results. With Kalstein models, you get optimized performance, accuracy and ease of use combined in rugged, durable equipment.

Laboratory incubators are critical equipment in any research facility. They help provide a controlled environment for the growth and development of microorganisms, cell and tissue cultures. Among the leading suppliers of this essential equipment is Kalstein, which offers a diverse range of incubators designed to meet various laboratory needs. This article explores in detail the technical specificities and features of some of Kalsteinโ€™s laboratory incubator models.

Kalstein Laboratory Microbiological Incubators YR02053, YR02054 and YR02055

These incubators have a temperature range of 0 to 60 degrees Celsius, with a fluctuation of ยฑ 0.5% and an accuracy of ยฑ 0.1 degrees. This allows extremely precise temperature regulation to ensure the integrity of the samples. They operate at a voltage of 220v, with power varying between 0.4 and 0.8 kilowatts depending on the model, making them suitable for different laboratory applications.

In addition to their energy efficiency, these models also come with user-friendly controls that allow easy setup and constant monitoring of internal conditions. Their precise control systems ensure that experiments are carried out in stable and predictable environments.

Kalstein Microplate Incubator YR05906

With a wide temperature control range from RT +5 to 80โ„ƒ and an accuracy and uniformity of ยฑ0.3โ„ƒ, this incubator is ideal for protocols applicable to microplates. Its fast heating speed, ranging from 20โ„ƒ to 80โ„ƒ in less than 15 minutes, intensifies its efficiency and effectiveness.

In addition, the YR05906 incubator features a built-in timer, expanding its functionality by enabling programming and controlling the duration of experiments. With a capacity to hold two microplates, it becomes the competent tool for any protocol requiring microplate incubation.

Kalstein CO2 Incubator YR02049-1

The YR02049-1 CO2 incubator combines temperature and CO2 control to create an ideal environment for cell studies. With a temperature range from RT+5โ„ƒ to 55โ„ƒ and a CO2 range of 0 to 20%, it offers unmatched versatility. Temperature control is extremely accurate (ยฑ0.1), with minimal fluctuations and uniformity ensured by forced convection and a PID microprocessor.

Notably, this incubator features a highly accurate IR sensor (ยฑ0.1%) and a robust CO2 and temperature recovery system, which returns to preset levels within a maximum time of 2 and 8 minutes respectively after an interruption. In addition, the humidity panel sets the internal humidity above 95%, extending the functionality of this equipment for applications requiring high humidity levels.

Kalstein Shaking Incubators YR05759 and YR05759-1

Kalstein shaking incubators merge the advantages of incubation and shaking into one device. This is especially useful for cell culture and microbiology experiments that require constant agitation at controlled temperatures. The YR05759 and YR05759-1 have a temperature control range of RT+5 to 60โ„ƒ with an accuracy of ยฑ0.1โ„ƒ.

In addition, the rotational frequency ranges from 20 to 300 rpm with an accuracy of ยฑ1 rpm. The models also differ in standard configurations and maximum volumes, allowing the selection of equipment that perfectly matches the volume of samples to be processed.

The ultimate in performance, quality and efficiency, Kalstein laboratory incubators are designed with laboratory professionals in mind, ensuring accurate results every time.