Innovation and Quality in Electrocardiogram Equipment

Health is a priceless value for mankind and technology has played a crucial role in its preservation. Depending on the accuracy of diagnoses, medical technology can be the difference between life and death. In this sense, Kalstein stands out for its contribution of technological excellence with innovative models in electrocardiogram (ECG) equipment.

6-Channel Intelligent Hospital ECG: Modernity and Functionality

The YR05161 model is a device designed for dynamic and accurate monitoring. It consists of a 6-channel intelligent hospital ECG manufacturing machine that uses dynamic holter ECG systems. This device enables electrical recordings of the heart to be obtained with excellent accuracy.

Dynamic holter ECG systems are useful in difficult diagnoses as they continuously track cardiac activities for extended periods of time, improving data collection. Thanks to its intelligent design, the YR05161 enables high-precision monitoring and analysis, providing accurate and instantaneous information for reliable and timely diagnosis.

03-Channel Touch Screen: Efficiency at Your Fingertips

Another model developed by Kalstein is the YR05158, an ECG machine with 03-channel electrocardiograph touch screen. This equipment brings together efficiency and comfort in its operation.

The touch screen allows users to easily interact with the system interface, facilitating operation and minimizing errors. This equipment provides accurate and fast results, playing a vital role in the diagnosis of cardiovascular diseases.

12 Leads, 6 Channels: Higher Resolution, Higher Demand

The YR05159 is another milestone in medical equipment. It is a 12-lead, 6-channel ECG machine, a device designed to provide a more detailed and enriched image of the heart.

Unlike standard ECG systems, which typically have 3 or 6 leads, the YR05159โ€™s 12-lead system provides a more complete and detailed view of the heart. This enhances the ability to detect cardiac abnormalities or irregularities, increasing diagnostic accuracy and effectiveness.

12 Leads, USB/RS232 Interface: Cohesion and Convenience

The YR05160 is a 12-lead ECG monitor with USB/RS232 interface. This device allows easy storage and transmission of collected data for further analysis and evaluation.

The USB/RS232 interface provides the greatest flexibility and accessibility for medical professionals, allowing easy access, manipulation and transfer of ECG test data.

Kalsteinโ€™s line of ECG equipment represents the most advanced trends in medical technology. With products designed for efficiency, accuracy and convenience, Kalstein is at the forefront of providing high quality diagnostic solutions for cardiovascular disease.