Innovation and precision in the laboratory: Kalstein Thermostatic Water Bath Incubator

The thermostat water bath incubator is a flagship piece of laboratory equipment, renowned for its rigorous precision, consistency and durability. In this article, we will delve into the technical specifications and features of specific models within the Kalstein category: YR05901, YR05902, YR05903 and YR05905.

Introduction to Kalstein Technology

Kalstein, a reference brand in laboratory equipment, offers innovative and technologically advanced solutions for various scientific and medical procedures. One of its featured products is the Thermostatic Water Bath Incubator, available in four models: YR05901, YR05902, YR05903, YR05905. These units are characterized by their accuracy, temperature uniformity and adaptability to various electrical voltages.

In terms of their operating voltage, all models operate in the range of AC100~120V or AC200~240V with a frequency of 50~60Hz. This feature gives them remarkable adaptability, facilitating their use in different situations and laboratory contexts.

Temperature control and consistency

One of the most relevant aspects of this equipment is its exceptional temperature control and uniformity. They range from room temperature (RT) plus 5 degrees Celsius to 100 degrees, with an accuracy and uniformity of ยฑ0.3โ„ƒ (37โ„ƒ). This temperature regulation accuracy ensures reliable and precise results in all your applications.

The built-in timer, adjustable from 1minute to 99 hours and 59 minutes, adds an additional layer of control and precision. This component is essential in the efficient management of experimental and analytical times, maximizing throughput and minimizing the risk of human error.

Incubator power and capacity

The Kalstein series of water bath incubators offers a variety of capacities and power ratings, allowing users to choose the model that best suits their specific needs. The YR05901 and YR05905 models have a power of 250W and 750W, respectively, and a capacity of 2L each, making them an excellent choice for small-scale experiments. The YR05902 and YR05903 models provide a capacity of 5L and 10L, respectively, and a power of 550W and 1000W, making them ideal for larger scale processes.

After all, these features demonstrate Kalsteinโ€™s commitment to flexibility and user-oriented design.

Drain methods and liquid level sensor alarms

Each model comes with a specific drain method: manual, drain outlet and drain pump, providing a range of efficient liquid disposal solutions. In addition, all models include a liquid level sensor alarm, an essential safety feature that helps prevent accidents and ensure optimal incubator operation.

In summary, Kalstein thermostatic water bath incubator equipment delivers exceptional scientific performance thanks to its high-tech design, precision and functionality. Whether for small or large-scale research, these devices stand out for their reliability and versatility, facilitating work in any type of laboratory.