Improve your Histology Laboratory with the Kalstein YR440B Tissue Embedding System

In a laboratory setting, every detail matters. From the precision of procedures to the delicacy of tissue handling. However, something that stands out for its critical relevance is the specifications of the equipment used.

Introducing the Kalstein YR440B Tissue Embedding Systemย 

Today, the world of histology has a new ally: the Kalstein YR440B Tissue Embedding System. This equipment is an essential tool for the effective preparation of tissue samples before being analyzed under the microscope. Specifically, the YR440B is indispensable for cooling certain tissue samples before embedding and subsequent histological analysis. Manufactured by Kalstein, a leading company in the field of medical and laboratory equipment, it guarantees the precision and reliability that healthcare professionals demand.

Thanks to its compact design, the YR440B model shows dimensions of 710ร—350ร—390 mm (width, depth, and height) and a net weight of 25 kg. Although small and light, this equipment offers powerful functions that far exceed its size, making it ideal for optimizing lab space.

Exceptional temperature control

Reliable and consistent are two words that perfectly describe the capacity of the Tissue Embedding System to control temperatures. The cryogenic module of this equipment allows users to set temperatures that vary from 0 to -20 โ„ƒ. The optimal working temperature is approximately -10 โ„ƒ, and the temperature is under delay protection, allowing for the perfect conditions to handle tissues.

These temperature specifications have the quality expected from a Kalstein device: precise, reliable, and with quick responses, improving the efficiency of laboratory work and the results of analyses.

Technical details of the Kalstein YR440B Tissue Embedding System

This equipment comes with a working voltage of AC 220V ยฑ 10% 50Hz for the standard model, and AC 110V ยฑ 10% 60Hz. It has a power consumption of 300W, being efficient in its energy use relative to its performance.

The cryogenic module has dimensions of 315ร—380 mm, providing a sufficient working area to accommodate several tissue samples at once, speeding up the tissue embedding process even more.

Why to choose the Kalstein YR440B Tissue Embedding System

The Tissue Embedding System is vital in modern histology laboratories where efficiency and precision are key. With its exceptional temperature control, its energy efficiency, and its compact size, the Kalstein YR440B Tissue Embedding System is a smart and valuable investment for any laboratory.

If you are looking for equipment to improve the quality and efficiency of your laboratory work, the Kalstein YR440B Tissue Embedding System is an excellent choice. Remember that at Kalstein, we are committed to offering high quality equipment and unmatched service to our customers.