How does the Gas Autoclave for Food Conservation work?

The autoclave is a hermetic equipment designed to withstand high pressures and temperatures in the disinfection at commercial level of glass, metal and plastic containers, conditioned for the food sector, laboratory, pasteurization and sterilization of finished products.

In terms of health, food factories require the use of autoclaves for maximum safety in disinfecting packaging as a guarantee of effective treatment. Therefore, in order to achieve the longest life time of food with maximum safety to quality control, optimal conservation is very important because with the use of this equipment they undergo heat treatment at high temperature for a sufficient time to reduce the population of microorganisms and avoid the risk of contamination.

And Kalstein has the ideal equipment, because it provides microprocessor control, where the indicator light manifests pressure, time and temperature. In addition, by automatically discharging the cold and steam after sterilization, it allows the sterilization of the products.

Using the Autoclave

For the treatment of food, the autoclave subjects the products to thermal sanitizing treatments to reduce colonies of bacteria capable of creating deadly spores. Therefore, foods are preserved taking into account factors such as temperature, light, acidity, among others. In the case of foods that are packaged, they usually have a pH grade higher than 4.5, so it is strictly necessary to destroy harmful microorganisms, and it is achieved by raising the level of acidity with the addition of preservative substances, eliminating it through the sterilization processes with the use of autoclave, thanks to the distribution of enough bearable hot air for food preservation, at temperatures above 120ยฐC, for a certain time and pressure, depending on the size of the containers and the type of content.

In this sense the gas autoclave has become a vital tool for the food preservation industry due to its ability to keep food fresh and safe for long periods of time. Products that are processed in gas autoclaves are generally fresher and have a more natural flavor than products that are processed in conventional autoclaves.

Importance of the Gas Autoclave in food production

The gas autoclave is essentially a storage chamber that is hermetically sealed and located in a controlled area of temperature and humidity. The chamber is filled with a mixture of gases, such as CO2, N2, O2 or H2S, and air is extracted from the chamber so that the mixture of gases can be established. The product is placed in the chamber and sealed. The processing cycle then starts, usually lasting three to five hours.

The gas autoclave we have at Kalstein is a useful technology for preserving a wide variety of products, including fruits, vegetables, meats, fish, dairy, cereals, oils and baked goods. The equipment can be used to conserve fresh, frozen, canned and dried products. Products stored in gas autoclaves generally maintain their freshness for a period of 12 months or more.

Autoclave to Gas brand Kalstein

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