Horizontal Electrophoresis Equipment: A Detailed Analysis of the Kalstein Models

Advances in medical and laboratory technology are becoming faster and more precise. Among the various devices used for medical research and testing, horizontal electrophoresis equipment, particularly from the renowned Kalstein brand, has proven to be a key element.

Model YR03417: Compact and Versatile

Kalsteinโ€™s YR03417 horizontal laboratory electrophoresis model YR03417 features an overall dimension (LxWxH) of 300x160x75mm and a net weight of just 1.1 kg. Compact in size and lightweight, this equipment is ideal for laboratories with limited space. However, its size does not compromise its efficiency, offering an approximate buffer volume of 550 ml.

In addition, the YR03417 allows a variety of gel sizes (60x60mm, 120x60mm, 60x120mm, 120x120mm), giving users a wide range of options for the separation of DNA, RNA and protein samples. The sample volume can be adjusted between 3, 6, 8, 11, 13, 18 and 25, offering versatility in testing and analysis. https://www.kalstein.de/products/horizontal-electrophoresis-yr03417/

Model YR03418: Precision and Increased Capacity

The Kalstein Model YR03418 is a larger version, with dimensions of 390x187x63mm and a net weight of 2.0 kg. This model allows for larger volumes in your tests, with a buffer volume of up to 900 ml.

This equipment is compatible with gel sizes 140x140mm, 140x70mm and 70x70mm. Additionally, it offers greater diversity in sample volume, allowing from small volumes of 1, 2, 3, 6 to considerably larger volumes: 14, 8, 17, 13 and 29. https://www.kalstein.de/products/horizontal-electrophoresis-yr03418/

Model YR03421: Perfect for Large Projects

For larger research projects, the model YR03421 is the ideal choice. With dimensions of 487x300x93mm and a net weight of 3.8Kg, this model is the largest among the options presented. It features the capacity for a gel size of 245x250mm and an impressive buffer volume of up to 2,000ml.

In addition, the YR03421 can handle an extremely wide range of sample volumes ranging from 19 to 364, making it suitable for carrying out detailed analysis and mass testing. https://www.kalstein.de/products/horizontal-electrophoresis-yr03421/

Model YR03422: The Choice for High Volume Analysis

Finally, the Model YR03422 scores the highest buffer volume (~5600ml) among Kalsteinโ€™s horizontal electrophoresis options. This 318x175x65mm dimension and 1.0 kg net weight device is capable of handling gel sizes of 66x250mm and 82x250mm.

Despite its relatively compact size, this model is perfect for high-volume environments where the need to analyze large amounts of samples is a priority, while providing high-level efficiency and accuracy. https://www.kalstein.de/products/horizontal-electrophoresis-yr03422/

In conclusion, horizontal laboratory electrophoresis equipment is essential for scientific and medical research. Kalstein models offer an impressive range of options, capable of accommodating a wide variety of needs and projects. Thanks to their versatility and precision, these kits ensure detailed and efficient analysis.