Exploring the Technical Capabilities of Humidity Chambers

Kalstein humidity chambers are equipment intended to provide the ideal atmosphere for various replication, repetitive testing and reliability testing applications in members of the scientific, medical and general laboratory fields. These models YR05802, YR05803 and YR05804 are state-of-the-art in their ability to precisely control the environment necessary for such experiments and tests.

Technical Highlights

With a temperature range of 0 to 60 degrees Celsius and an accuracy of ยฑ0.1 โ„ƒ, Kalstein chambers ensure an accurate and constant test atmosphere. In addition, their ability to set a time range from 0 to 999 minutes allows users to adjust the duration of their experiment according to their needs with absolute precision.

The fluctuation of these chambers is controlled within ยฑ0.5%, providing a stable and consistent measurement environment. In addition, they are suitable for safe operation on a 220 V power supplyย  https://www.kalstein.de/products/humidity-chamber-yr05802-yr05807/

Power and dimensions

Model YR05802 consumes 0.4 kilowatts, model YR05803 consumes 0.6 kilowatts and model YR05804 consumes 0.8 kilowatts. This range of power consumption provides the flexibility to select a chamber that fits the laboratoryโ€™s power requirements.

The internal dimensions of these models vary, with the YR05802 measuring 580 x 450 x 380 mm (100L), the YR05803 measuring 800 x 500 x 380 mm (150L) and the YR05804 measuring 1000 x 550 x 450 mm (250L). This allows laboratories to select a model according to their space and housing capacity requirements.

Packaging and weight

In addition to chamber size, it is advisable to consider package dimensions and weight, as these are vital for storage and transport. Model YR05802 is packed in a 1220 x 670 x 700 mm box and has a net weight of 93 kg. The YR05803 model is packed in a 1470 x 720 x 740 mm box and has a net weight of 105 kg. Finally, model YR05804 is packed in a 1670 x 770 x 740 mm box and has a net weight of 133 kg.

The Kalstein YR05802, YR05803 and YR05804 humidity chambers combine precision, energy efficiency and adaptability, making them a valuable option for laboratories, medical offices and research facilities. Their range and precision in environmental control make them highly effective laboratory equipment for a variety of experiments and tests.