Exploring the Kalstein Laboratory Microtome Series

Microtomes are an essential tool in laboratories and hospitals due to their ability to make ultra-thin slices in a sample, thus facilitating its subsequent microscopic study. The Kalstein Laboratory Microtome series provides highly accurate, reliable and versatile equipment. In this article, we will discuss the technical specifications and features of several models of the Kalstein series.

Model YR417: Flexibility and Accuracy

This model offers a trim thickness adjustment range of 0 to 60 ฮผm and a minimum trim thickness setting of 1 ฮผm, giving users great flexibility in choosing the thickness of their samples. In addition, its maximum sample size of 70 ร— 70 mm makes it a highly versatile piece of equipment, capable of handling a wide range of samples. https://www.kalstein.de/products/manual-microtome-yr417/

Possessing an impressive 60 ฮผm sample retraction, Blade press plate movement in a range of 0-23 mm and BladeHolder Base movement range of 0-60 mm (front to back), the YR417 stands out for its precision and adaptability.

Model YR421: Power and Precision Defined

The YR421 represents a significant leap in terms of trim thickness adjustability, with a range that goes up to 500 ฮผm. This microtome features a minimum trim thickness setting of 1 ฮผm and a maximum sample size of 50 ร— 60 mm.

In addition to these considerable capabilities, the YR421 features a BladeHolder Base movement range of 0-50 mm and the ability to rotate the specimen holder to any angle within 360 degrees. These functionalities make this model a remarkable choice for those who need high precision with the chosen cut size. https://www.kalstein.de/products/manual-microtome-yr421/

Model YR416-1: Improved Efficiency

The Kalstein Model YR416-1 sets a new standard in terms of efficiency. It allows a minimum cut thickness setting of as little as 0.25 ฮผm, and its adjustable feed rate, which varies from 1500 ฮผm/s to 3500 ฮผm/s, puts it at the top of its class in terms of speed and finesse https://www.kalstein.de/products/semi-automatic-detection-microtome-yr416-1/

With a maximum sample size of 70 ร— 70 mm and sample orientation in XY-8ยฐ, this microtome is designed to provide accurate and consistent results in a variety of applications.

Model YR418: Versatility and Consistency

The Model YR418 retains many of the features that make the Kalstein series so impressive, with a minimum slice thickness setting of 1 ฮผm and a maximum sample size of 60 ร— 70 mm.

A major feature of the YR418 is its 0-60 mm (front-to-back) range of blade holder base movement and the ability to rotate the sample holder to any angle within 360 degrees. The combination of these precision and flexibility features make the YR418 a solid and reliable choice for laboratories. https://www.kalstein.de/products/manual-microtome-yr418/

In conclusion, Kalsteinโ€™s Laboratory Microtome series combines precision, power, versatility and consistency to produce an unbeatable tool for any laboratory. With multiple models available, each with slightly different features and capabilities, it is easy to find the equipment that best fits your specific needs.