Excellence in Coagulation Analysis: Kalstein Models YR05118 and YR05117

In the medical and laboratory industry, accuracy and reliability are paramount. These values are reflected in the expertise offered by Kalstein brand coagulation analyzers.

Coagulation analyzers play a crucial role in medical laboratories. Their function is essential for diagnosing hemorrhagic and thrombotic diseases, as well as for monitoring anticoagulation therapies. In this review, we will introduce you to two innovative models from Kalstein: the YR05118 and YR05117, both characterized by their reliability, efficiency and ability to optimize laboratory work.

Model YR05118: A 4-Channel Coagulation Analyzer

The first model on our list is the YR05118, a laboratory instrument with an impressive 4-channel testing capability. This feature allows multiple tests to be performed simultaneously, increasing laboratory efficiency and productivity.

This coagulation tester has 24 preheating positions for samples and 6 for reagents, allowing for faster and more accurate handling of materials. In addition, sample and reagent consumption ranges from 20-40uL and 20-30uL respectively, depending on the type of test, with a PCR of 40uL and an APTT of 20uL. https://www.kalstein.de/products/coagulation-analyzer-yr05118/

Additional features of model YR05118

This model stands out for its unprecedented accuracy. With a CV of 2%, it provides highly reliable results, an essential feature for making accurate diagnoses and providing valuable information for treatment plans.

The YR05118โ€™s memory can store up to 10,000 results, making it easy to collect and access historical patient data. Finally, this design includes a 5-inch LCD display, making interaction with the equipment intuitive and easy to operate.

Model YR05117: An Efficient Two-Channel Analyzer

Here we present model YR05117, a smaller but equally powerful and efficient version. It also possesses the essential technical features for a coagulation analyzer, including a test accuracy of 2%, and the ability to store up to 10,000 results in its memory. https://www.kalstein.de/products/coagulation-analyzer-yr05117/

With a test channel of 2, this model can cope with lower volume demands and is often more suitable for small to medium-sized laboratories. In addition, it retains the sample and reagent consumption preferences of the YR05118, but with 16 sample and 4 reagent preheat positions.

Additional features of the YR05117

This analyzer not only provides accuracy and efficiency, but also features a compact, space-saving design in the laboratory. Despite its small size, the YR05117 does not compromise on efficiency, delivering accurate and reliable test results.

In summary, both Kalsteinโ€™s YR05118 and YR05117 feature impressive technical specifications along with exceptional levels of efficiency, accuracy and usability. These coagulation analyzers are vital tools in the diagnosis and monitoring of multiple coagulation-related medical conditions, and will undoubtedly be a valuable addition to any laboratory.