Discovering the features and applications of Kalstein Color Evaluation Boxes for clinical laboratories

Kalsteinโ€™s Color Evaluation Boxes represent an essential tool for most laboratories, helping to perform accurate and standardized color evaluation. This equipment provides uniform and controlled illumination, which is crucial for performing tasks such as biochemical test interpretation, blood sample comparison and histological analysis.

These instruments are a valuable investment for all types of laboratories. They provide accurate and standardized color evaluation, improving the quality of results and making daily laboratory work more efficient.

Features of Kalstein Color Evaluation Boxes

Kalstein Color Evaluation Boxes are designed with a number of features to optimize color evaluation on samples. First, they provide homogeneous illumination. Uniform illumination minimizes shadows and glare, allowing for a more reliable evaluation. In addition, these boxes come with interchangeable light sources, allowing the illumination to be adjusted depending on the specific application.

A highlight is that these boxes are equipped with a timer that allows regulating the sample display time, which minimizes variability between observations and at the same time reduces energy consumption. These features make Kalstein color evaluation boxes practical and efficient for laboratory use.

Applications and functions of Kalstein color evaluation boxes

Kalstein Color Evaluation Boxes are primarily used to observe and evaluate color changes in samples under controlled lighting conditions. They are essential in a wide variety of laboratory tests, from measuring color in biochemical tests to observing color changes in microbiological cultures, evaluating dyes and colorants, and analyzing blood and tissue samples.

In addition, these boxes can be used in other applications requiring accurate color evaluation, such as in the textile industry, culinary industry and in quality control in the paint and coatings industry.

Advantages of Kalstein color evaluation boxes for laboratories of various types

Kalstein Color Evaluation Boxes are an ideal solution for laboratories in various fields, including medical, research, quality control and other laboratories. They are rugged, durable and designed to withstand a busy laboratory environment.

In addition, their ergonomic design and ease of use make them accessible to all laboratory professionals, regardless of their level of experience. In terms of maintenance and durability, Kalstein Color Evaluation Boxes are exceptional, offering a long service life and negating the need for costly replacement parts or repairs.

Types of Kalstein Color Evaluation Boxesย 

Color Evaluation Box YR05551 Light Table: The YR05551 color viewer light table has a top, bottom and back light. Standard configuration is top light source with D65 and D50 and TL84, bottom light source with D65 and rear with D65 and D50.

Standard Color Evaluation Box YR05531: YR05531 color light box will display the usage time, light source name and switching times of each light source. Automatic switch and with metamerism function. No preheating, no flickering.

YR05539 // YR05541 color test station light box with drawers: it is widely applied to printing industry, furniture and color matching of printing ink industry, etc. It is a necessity for those industries to control the colors and qualities of products. INF.

Hanging color viewer light box YR05533 // YR05535: The hanging color viewer light box is suitable for all places where color management is required in printing workshop, advertising company, production center, etc. It can be easily installed or hang on the top of the table and ceiling. Visit

These are some of the models that we have for you in Kalstein, remember that as a manufacturer we have a wide range of color evaluation boxes, at the best price, in addition to having the necessary technical support after sales. Visit our links and decide your purchase now.