Analysis of Kalstein’s Single Beam Laboratory Spectrophotometers: An Approach to Specifications and Features

Kalstein’s single beam laboratory spectrophotometers stand out for their exceptional quality, precision, and efficiency. In this article, we’ll examine the sales of four Kalstein models: YR01849, YR01852, YR01855, and YR01857, analyzing their respective technical specifications and outstanding features.

Model: YR01849 – The Wavelength Range Officer

This model has a wavelength range of 320-1100 nm, and a wavelength accuracy of ± 0.5 nm with repeatability of ≤0.2nm. Additionally, it incorporates an automatic wavelength adjustment mode, high photometric precision, and stability.

The data output port and printer port are present, allowing for easy data transfer and use. Its 128 * 64 dot LCD monitor provides a clear visual representation. Finally, this model incorporates a tungsten lamp and a silicon photodiode detector for data accuracy and quality.

Model: YR01852 – The Photometric Precision Supervisor

The YR01852 has a broader wavelength range of 190-1100 nm, while maintaining the same bandwidth and wavelength accuracy as the YR01849 model. This model stands out for its improved photometric accuracy of ± 0.3% T and impressive stability.

Like the YR01849, it has USB and printer ports for data transfer, along with clear viewing through the LCD monitor. The difference lies in the inclusion of an additional deuterium lamp to the tungsten one, providing a wider range of results.

Model: YR01855 – The Stability Guarantor

The YR01855 has the same wavelength range and bandwidth as the YR01852, but offers a significant contribution in terms of stability, with an incredible ± 0,002 A/h at 500 nm.

It includes a tungsten lamp and a deuterium lamp like the YR01852, but offers better baseline flatness of ± 0,0015 A/h. This model comes with an automatic wavelength adjustment function and an optimal photometric repeatability of 0.2% T.

Model: YR01857 – The Guide of Noise and Stray Light

The YR01857 model is a true power play by offering a wavelength range identical to the YR01852 and YR01855, but with a slightly more efficient bandwidth of 1.8 nm. Like the YR01855, it has a preference for stability, but adds a noise feature of ± 0.0005A and better photometric repeatability of ≤0.15% T.

This model features an improved 320 * 240 dot LCD monitor along with the usual tungsten and deuterium lamps.

In summary, Kalstein’s single beam laboratory spectrophotometers offer a variety of models adapted to different needs, all providing accuracy, efficiency, and safety in performing various laboratory tasks.