Advantages and Technical Features of Kalstein and PreeKem Laboratory Equipment

Both manufacturers, Kalstein and PreeKem, offer a highly competitive range of laboratory equipment. In this article, we will compare their specific models, YR04953-, YR04954, YR04955 and YR04956 by Kalstein, and COOLPEX by PreeKem, examining their technical specifications and highlighting the advantages of each.

Kalstein: Technical Specifications and Advantages

Kalstein offers four models with capacities of 6, 8, 10 and 12 containers. They have pressure and temperature control in all containers, ensuring precision in experiments. The equipment features a 100ml container volume, providing more space for laboratory samples. The pressure test method is contact-free, ensuring the integrity of the samples.

The inner container material, made of imported TFM, and the PEEK external container and imported fiberglass stand out, guaranteeing durability and resistance. Furthermore, its pressure control range goes from 0 to 15MPA and the internal containerโ€™s temperature limit is 300โ„ƒ. The microwave power is adjustable up to 1000W, allowing greater adaptability in procedures.

PreeKem: Technical Specifications and Advantages

Manufacturer PreeKem, on the other hand, offers the COOLPEX model with 10 containers. The pressure or temperature test method was not specified. Its container volume is somewhat smaller, with 60ml.

The inner container material is PFA, known for its chemical resistance. The pressure control has a fixed limit of 15MPA and the internal containerโ€™s maximum temperature is also 300โ„ƒ.

Advantages and Disadvantages

As for advantages, Kalstein stands out for its variety in container capacities, greater container volume, and the ability to adjust the microwave power. Meanwhile, PreeKem stands out for the quality of its materials.

As for disadvantages, Kalstein may be more costly given its high customization and superior quality. PreeKem, although more economical, offers less flexibility in its specifications.

Comparative table of technical specificationsย 

Specification Model KALSTEIN
YR04953-/ YR04954/ YR04955/ YR04956
Vessels 6/8/10/12 vessels 10 vessels
Pressure control All vessels pressure control
Temperature control All vessels temperature control
Vessel volume 100ml 60ml
Pressure testing method / Temperature testing method Contactless
Vessel matrial Inner vessel: imported TFM / Outer vessel: imported PEEK&glass fiber Inner vessel: PFA
Pressure control range 0-15MPA 15MPA
Inner vessel temperature limit 300โ„ƒ 300โ„ƒ
Temperature range 50-400โ„ƒ
Microwave power 0-1000W adjustable


What is the right choice for your laboratory?

In the end, it all depends on the type of research conducted in your laboratory and the price you are willing to pay. If you seek greater customization and adaptability, Kalsteinโ€™s equipment is the best option. However, if you are more concerned about price and chemical resistance, then the PreeKem model is more suitable.

In the final choice, it should always be taken into consideration that the manufacturer of your preference meets your laboratory needs. Both manufacturers are of high quality, so both the purchase and sale of their equipment will guarantee accurate and reliable results in your laboratory.