Advancing Color Accuracy with Kalstein’s Color Evaluation Tables

Kalstein’s Color Evaluation Tables for Laboratories are equipment designed to provide optimal and precise color inspection in different types of materials. This article provides a detailed view of the technical specifications and features of various models of Kalstein’s Color Evaluation Tables.

Optimizing Color Evaluation with Models YR05542-YR05544 

Kalstein brings to the forefront of laboratory technology the Color Evaluation Tables of models YR05542 to YR05544. These high-performance devices have a D65 6500K 36W tube light source, with the addition of the D50 5000K 36W light source in the YR05543 and YR05544 models.

The YR05544 model adds a third type of light source: TL84 4000K 36W. Each model operates with a power of AC220V 50HZ and has working and external dimensions of 135*90 cm and 135*217 cm respectively. There is also an option to add a bottom light source, which can be D65, D50 or TL84, depending on the chosen model.

Examining the Versatility of Model YR05530 

In contrast to the previous models, the YR05530 offers a wider and more diverse light source configuration, which includes F, D65, TL84, UV, CWF/TL83 and A. This multifunctional equipment weighs 28 kg and its dimensions are 71*53*57 cm. Some additional options include a light source diffuser and a 45-degree standard bracket.

The different light sources of this model offer a wide range of applications, from an international standard artificial light D65 6500K to the representation of sunset light (incandescent light source ‘F’) and the visualization of ultraviolet light intended to detect and evaluate optical whiteners or fluorescent pigments.

Exploring the Potential of Model YR05532 

The YR05532 model of the famous Kalstein Color Evaluation Tables stands out for offering a variety of compatible standard light sources, which include ASTM/BS/CIE/ISO/DIN/TL84/ANSI. This equipment incorporates a wide range of light sources, such as D65/A/D50/UV/U30/TL84/U35, and operates with a power supply of CA 220V-240 V, 50/60 Hz.

The YR05532 exhibits notable resistance with its LED light tubes offering up to 50000 hours of durability and 25000 hours of on-off. In addition, this model stands out for its robustness, weighing 60 kg and measuring 1008 × 716 * 898 mm.

Getting to Know Models YR05536- YR05538 

Lastly, in the Kalstein line, we find models YR05536 to YR05538. These high-tech tools have D65 6500K 36W and D50 5000K 36W tubes. In particular, the YR05538 also includes U30 3000K 36W tubes. It will be necessary to have AC220V 50HZ power available to operate these high-efficiency devices. In terms of size, the devices offer a generous working table of 135*90 cm, with external dimensions of 135*99*217 cm.

When it comes to color accuracy, Kalstein’s color evaluation devices are unmatched, offering a wide range of options and features designed to meet the most demanding applications in laboratories and beyond.