Advanced Technology in Color Evaluation: Kalstein Light Boxes

The universe of medical science and diagnostics is filled with the beauty that comes from precision, the precision that comes from superior technology. In that range of efficiency and precision, the Kalstein team has for you Color Evaluation Box, one of the many gems produced by this pioneer in the field of laboratory and medical equipment, takes pride of place.

The Kalstein range of Color Evaluation Boxes appeal to a variety of specific demands in the scientific and medical world. This article explores the technical specifications and features of these high-quality Kalstein instruments.

True Diversity and Power of Light Sourceย 

Kalstein Light Boxes showcase an impressive and diverse array of light sources, from D65, TL84, ultraviolet, F, CWF, TL83 to A. Models YR05520 to YR05523 feature D65, TL84, ultraviolet, F and CWF light sources, configured from 2 to 4 pieces respectively. Importantly, the models have a special PC1 ultraviolet source. This gives them a great variety in color evaluation to provide a detailed and accurate analysis.

These devices work at any stage of the quality control process, thanks to their versatility in voltage ranging between 220V/50Hz and 110V/60Hz. All this, while maintaining a comfortable and manageable weight, between 19.5 kg and 28.9 kg.

More Options, More Accuracy

The YR05524 to YR05529 model range further expands analysis possibilities with an extended range of light sources. The YR05524, YR05527 models opt for a configuration of D65, TL84, ultraviolet and F. Linked to this, the addition of CWF in the YR05525, YR05526, and YR05529 models, and TL83 in the YR05526 and YR05529 models, provides even more options for accurate color evaluation.

This set of models also offers weight options, from a practical 28 kg to a solid 60 kg, ensuring durability and stability of the equipment. As an added precaution, these models also feature a PC 1 ultraviolet light source to ensure operator safety.

Specialized Color Evaluation with Light Tubes

Kalsteinโ€™s YR05545 to YR05547 series introduce light tubes for specialized color evaluation. The YR05545 model uses a D65 6500K 36W tube, while the YR05546 and YR05547 incorporate both D65 6500K 36W and the D50 5000K 36W tube. The YR05547 model adds to these, the TL84 4000K 36W tube, providing considerable variation in lighting options for users.

The Compact Observing Power Test Station

Finally, models YR05548 to YR05550 represent an integral part of the Kalstein range. They feature illumination ranging from D65 6500K 36W, D50 5000K 36W and U30 3000K 36W, enabling accurate evaluation of color gradations. Special D65 and D50 tubes are used in the YR05549 and YR05550, while the YR05550 introduces the U30 tube for even more thorough evaluation.

Each Kalstein Light Box Model, from the YR05520 to YR05550 series, with its diversity of light sources, adaptable voltage and robust design, offers comprehensive, reliable and safe solutions for accurate color evaluation in different sectors.